In Video Advertisment
TicTacTi is the most powerful In Video Advertising Technology, we give you the freedom monetize your video anyway you choose

Maximize Revenue From Your Video

Working with multiple ad networks.
Simple Integration.
Brand your video.

Global Advertising Inventory

No more Inventory problems, TicTacTi is the only video platform that can overlay ANY ad from ANY Ad Server, classic IAB banners for online video from any feed source using our Proxy Server Pat. pend. Your feed can be used on your videos. Contact-Us

Plug And Play

TicTacTi has the unique structure allowing publisher use their existing infrastructure and backend for online video ads. You can choose to work with your current backend for reporting and billing or use ours. Monetize my video

Overlay Ad Insertion
Overlay Ad Insertion

The next generation in Overlay Technology is here! Our Overlay Ad Insertion concept allows advertisers to place an ad in the most creative way above a video source/stream. The result is an entirely new way of looking at advertising!

Video Overlay = Payday
Video Overlay = Payday

TicTacTis T3 platform solution offers publishers simple, stable and rapidly deployable capabilities to monetize video content from the get go, whatever the publishers size, existing technologies and needs are.

Reports and Statistics
Reports and Statistics

Simple campaign performance measurement and reports that don’t require a Ph.D. to understand provide actionable insights.


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