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We take the hassle out of branding and placing ads in games. Use TicTacTi to monetize, track, and distribute your games.

No Homework For You Today

Game source code not required.
Just focus on building games.

5 Minute Integration

5 Minute Integration

Not one line of code is needed to implement the next generation in in-game advertising and branding. Just wrap your game with our technology and we will take care of the rest.
There are three ways to integrate our technology:
1. Just upload your game and in seconds you will get it back wrapped with our magic ad technology
2. Get our wrapper swf file
3. Hard core (optional) – use our API to embed TicTacTi directly into your game.
All integration metodes take ZERO time to implement.

Standard Ad Units
Using existing IBA Ad Units

Standard Ad Units

You get a pre-roll immediately and TTT team we will add a between stages or end of game ad unit. We add between staged and end of game ads using our coolest preparation tool! See video


Reports and Analytics

Simple campaign performance measurement and reports that don’t require a Ph.D. to understand provide actionable insights.  More »

5 Minute Integration

TicTacTi's solution doesn’t require the game’s source code. No need to get the developers to change the game. Done once, for the whole site  More »


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