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We can brand any game you choose in a few hours.
Your creative on our games from ANY ad server.

Your Ads Inventory
Any industry standard directly from your Ad Server

Your Ads Inventory

The only platform that support any industry standard directly from any ad server, ad network and exchanges with no hassle or extra work, just send us your current ad tags and we’ll take it from there.

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In Game Branding
The Fastest In Game Branding ever

In Game Branding

Our In Game Advertisement concept allows advertisers to place an ad/product in the most creative way inside a game making it an advergame with quick turnover. The result is an entirely new way of looking at advertising! Advertise where eyeballs are. Visitors are more focused on game then page ads. Blend an ad in the game and offer new user experience, Quick turnaround time. No need to develop advergame from scratch. Use existing game popularity to reach audience. Use in-game campaigns for performance and brand awareness goals. Measure interactivity and default metrics by default.

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Any industry standard

Our Advertising Platform supports any type of campaigns, we will display your 300X250 ad unit as a pre-roll, between stages (interstices) or end of game  More »

Reports and Statistics

Simple campaign performance measurement and reports that don’t require a Ph.D. to understand provide actionable insights. Analytics Tools


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